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In-Store Marketing

In Store Marketing is the process of captivating the consumer’s attention to a specific brand or product inside of a retail environment. There are many different ways to grab ones attention whether it is using signage, demo, display, or live presentation or representation. All of these forms have their own significant value and can be utilized to target specific markets. These concepts become more crucial to every retailer and the clients that do business in their stores.

With the enormous growth of on-line sales, the vitality of the retail setting depends on the consumers desire to interact with customer service professionals. Having live representation from a specific brand can help with the proper presentation and explanation of how the product can benefit ones needs or desires. This is why in-store marketing has become one of the biggest fads in the retail setting over the last few years. Retailers across America have seen an increase in traffic flow but need to capture the “human element”, that’s where we come in.

Management Training

When you have a marketing strategy that gives your clients results they have never seen before with 100% ROI, National Clients and working inside National Retailers along with a proven business model that promotes and sustains success it gives you the perfect opportunity to grow at rapid speed and unlimited growth potential. This is the perfect storm that Global Vision Group is right in the middle of.

A big part of why Global Vision Group has continued to grow despite any weak economy is our emphasis on our Management Training Program. We are firm believers in promoting our managers and future leaders from with in. Our dedication to teaching all of our employees every aspect of our business is one of the biggest reasons why Global Vision Group delivers.

Business Model

There’s really two business models with Global Vision Group. The first business model is our in-store marketing program. We focus on the customer and what their needs are and show them how our clients products can give them everything they are looking for. Through sheer hard work we know the more people we talk to the better results we can deliver.

The second business model is our Management Training Program. At Global Vision Group we consistently deliver above and beyond the goals of our clients. With these kind of results and huge Fortune 500 Clients it provides enormous growth opportunity for us. In order to meet our clients National goals we developed an Award Winning Management Training Program to help develop managers that can help us expand our brand.